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Nick and Josh, lifelong friends born and raised in NYC, have been writing songs together since high school. Separated by distance during their college years, they would continue to support one another through song writing. Spurred on by the enthusiasm of friends and family, what was once just an emotional outlet soon grew into more than they could have imagined.

A rare opportunity to sing in front of an audience presented itself in the form of a friend’s wedding in Italy. It was at this moment that they realized this could be more than just a weekend hobby. The electric energy that performing in front of a crowd offered, had them hooked.

In the fall of 2019, Nick and Josh performed in front of a live NYC audience. They performed under the name 1L, because it reminded them of home. In high school and college, the experience of singing with new people created what are now lifelong friendships and a tradition of music so that everyone has a home in 1L.

Fast forward to a year later, after several performances of their original content as well as cover songs, both live and over Instagram live, they have continued to hone their skills in a big way.

You can check out 1L on their YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

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